Learning to manage money is no small task. The time and effort it takes to reach get it right can be daunting, and the journey can be made all the more confusing by the abundance of (often conflicting) information out there to help guide you. Despite this, the journey is well worth it. If you can stick with it, your knowledge and your confidence will grow. Most importantly, so will your options, and so will your bank account.

My goal is to help make this process easier for you. To this end, I want to share some simple tips to win with money that I think everyone will agree with. I’ll add my own overly complicated, conflicting analysis later 😉

Make managing your money a habit

No new skill or habit comes without consistent dedication and practice. In order to win at managing your money, you need to make budgeting and financial education a regular part of your life. This means making room in your daily and weekly schedule to review and update your budget, consulting your budget before paying bills and making purchases, and reading up on personal finance. You have to embrace new, positive financial habits. Otherwise you’ll keep getting the same results.

Trust in the budgeting process

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s unrealistic to think that all your problems will be solved the first time you make a budget, that you can go to sleep broke or disorganized and wake up a millionaire. Fairy tales like that are reserved for lottery winners, athletes, and movie stars.

While it may work like that for you (and kudos if it does), winning with money usually takes a lot longer. In that way, money management is a long-term process. So stick to your budget and your goals. You will see progress. Trust that the process is working and that you will see results over time. Keep your goals in mind and trust that if you spend within your budget, you will succeed.

Believe you can win with money

It sounds silly, but belief is key to winning in any area of life. Whether it’s getting a new job, losing weight, or, yes, achieving your financial goals, believing that you can do it will make all the difference. It will make you more motivated, more confident in your abilities, and more committed to your plan more than you would have been otherwise.

If you currently find it hard to believe that you can get out of debt or save money, let me tell you the truth: If you put in the effort, you will succeed. Millions of people have done it before you. When you focus on your goals and have a solid plan, nothing can stop you. Not the government, not other people, and not your circumstances. Winning with money takes energy, dedication, and time. You can do it. See the points above for more inspiration.

There you have it! Three simple ways to help you win at managing money. As you can see, it’s not difficult. It’s not easy, but it isn’t difficult, either. Your success comes down to your actions and your beliefs. Fortunately, you have a lot of help in this, which brings me to my final point:

BONUS: Get an accountability partner

While winning with money is your personal journey, there’s no reason you have to go at it alone. A great way to help you stay on track is to get an accountability partner. A partner you trust will help you stay focused and motivated, will help you learn more, and help you accomplish more than you could have on your own. That kind of support is worth its weight in gold.

Let me know what you’d add to this list of ways to win with money. Good luck, and happy budgeting!