Your journey to financial fitness is personal, but you don’t have to travel alone. While your relationship with your money is personal, as are your motivations for getting control of your finances, you will benefit from the support of other people. I know a lot of you may hesitant to discuss your money with others because of shame or regret or ‘it’s none of your dang business’, but one of the best things you can do is ask for help from people. You can learn so much and achieve so much more than you can on your own.

There’s no shame in needing help from others. For one reason or another, we may lose motivation, get stuck, or fall short on our goals. In those moments, having support will make sure you get back on track. One of the best ways to get help with managing your money is to get an accountability partner. An accountability partner will help hold you to the financial commitments you set for yourself, while also supporting you in your overall success. You will get to do the same for them, as this is a mutually beneficial relationship. You will help each other get what you want.

In this article, I’ll give reasons as to why you should work with an accountability partner. You will see that the benefits they provide are well worth it.

Your accountability partner will:

Keep you honest

Your accountability partner will tell you the truth about how well you’re doing. If you’re slacking off or making excuses, they will set you straight. It’s nothing personal, it’s just to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Keep you on track

Your accountability partner will keep you focused on your budget and your financial goals. There’s no way to avoid your budget if you have someone holding you accountable for sticking to it.

Help you learn

Your partner will know things you don’t, and you can benefit from their knowledge. They will have access to different information and resources that they can share that will help you manage your budget and finances. You can also learn from their journey by not committing the mistakes they’ve made, while copying their successes.

Keep you motivated

Your accountability partner will understand your goals and why you want them. Thus, if you ever feel unmotivated or discouraged by a failure, they will be able to remind you of what you want and why it’s so important to you. Then, when you succeed, you can celebrate your wins together.

Help you achieve more

We have a tendency to become lazy and complacent. We may fail to work as hard as we can if we are seeing success. Your accountability partner will be able to challenge you to break out of that rut and push you to strive for more. They will be able to see your blind spots and help you find ways to overcome them. They will know when you are selling yourself short and will challenge you to work harder.

Accountability partners are truly your best resource in your journey to debt freedom. What’s more: Not only will your accountability partner help you; you’ll be able to help them. All those problems that you experience – the lack of motivation, the confusion, the self-delusion, the complacency – they will experience as well. You get to push them to grow in the same way they do for you. As a result, you’ll get the pleasure of seeing them become better and knowing you played a huge part in their success.

By collaborating with an accountability partner, you’ll get the support you truly deserve, while succeeding so much faster. In future posts, I’ll talk about how you can build your own accountability partnerships. In the meantime, if you want support in your journey to take control of your money, I can help you with that.

Good luck, and happy budgeting!