Hi! I’m Tim. I want to help you manage your money.

I grew up in a low-income household, in an environment with virtually no positive influences when it came to money. I watched the adults around me make bad financial decisions without thinking of the long-term consequences, and it wasn’t long before I developed those same behaviors. I found myself deep in credit card and student loan debt, afraid to face how much I really owed, and looking for someone to blame. Yet, deep down, I knew nothing would change until I changed:

I needed to take responsibility for my actions and fight to change my life.

Since that time, I’ve learned as much as I can about money and how to make it work for me. I’ve paid off over $35K in debt while achieving an excellent credit rating in the process. My new habits and beliefs have changed my life for the better. I think everyone deserves a chance to build a better relationship with money, which is why I want to share what I’ve learned with you. When you learn what I can teach you about money, you’ll become more focused and skilled at managing your money and achieving your goals. Not only that, but you’ll also be on the path to living the life you deserve. It takes work, but the confidence and peace you’ll feel will be well worth it. 

If you’re ready for a change, I’m here to help. Together, we’ll make sure you’re in control of your money and your life.


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Timothy Booker