Tim Booker, aka Tim the Money Coach

I’m Tim the Money Coach. I can help you create the space you need to focus on what’s most important to you.

You can create the space you need to pursue your wildest and most important dreams.

You can build the financial habits and foundation you need to say ‘no’ to unimportant things and ‘yes’ to yourself and your dreams. Along the way, you can eliminate debt, build your savings, leave a dead-end job, and tackle anything else that stands in the way of you crushing your biggest goals.

I know it’s possible because I see it in clients all the time. And I know you can do it if you’re ready to take the leap.

Whether you want the space to create more art, make more music, write more stories, train more clients, cook more, spend more time with your family, etc., you can do it and I can help. Learn more about money coaching.

As your financial coach, I will guide you through an easy three-step process to help you create a financial plan that you can use. In just a few sessions, you’ll organize your finances to stay on top of your payments and get ahead with your bills. You’ll receive all the information and accountability you need to transform your financial situation for good. That’s where the real fun of building your dream life begins.

What will your life look like with no debt and no financial stress? Will you let me help you get there?

What people are saying

Tim has been an excellent financial coach for the last several months. He has been teaching me how to create a budget and how to manage it. Tim gives great advice if I have any questions. I can always reach out to him.

Chris A., Boston, MA

Working with Tim was AMAZING! He has a system that got my finances all fixed up, helped me to organize and kept me accountable!! I went from completely lost to now feeling SO confident in handling my money.

Derthalie J., Orlando, FL

Tim is easy to talk to and be honest with. He is non-judgmental and a great coach! He gave me an honest but kind analysis of my spending and talked to me about where I could spend less.

Kate M., Cambridge, MA

Tim’s skill with budgeting has saved me many hundreds of dollars every month already. Likewise, his questions about my own strategic challenges always bring me insight, and hope.

Benyamin L., Cambridge, MA

Don’t miss your chance to advance!

How much is not having a financial plan costing you?

What if you could be doing better with your money? Your Life?

If you’re ready to experience greater financial freedom, peace of mind, and confidence, the help you need is a conversation away. Together, we can create a plan that sets you up to win with money. Register for your free session today!