Sometimes you need to command more money.

As a personal finance coach, I believe that your number-one wealth-building tool is your income.

If you learn to manage your money well by spending and saving – LIVING – within your means, you’ll be able to do extraordinary things with time.

The power of compound interest will work in your favor.

That’s right, if you take what you have and do well over time, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

This is a helpful, powerful, motivating truth: you can achieve financial wealth and success no matter how much you make.

But let’s be honest: how much you make matters, right?

If you can be wealthy making minimum wage and making $500,000 per year… wouldn’t you rather make half a million dollars?

How much more can you really do with that additional income?

Yes, you can be financially successful at either income range, but that success looks a lot different. For instance, if you’re trying to spend 30% of your income on your housing… you can afford a much higher rent or mortgage with half a million dollars per year.

So, while budgeting and money management are incredibly important, at some point you have to learn how to increase the amount of money coming into the budget.

Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay

Developing skills that are valuable to employers or starting your own income-generating revenue streams will be paramount to your continued growth and success.

We’re talking about success at a higher scale.

Think of crushing it at your current financial level. You’re saving and spending with confidence because you’re planning your money needs in advance. You’re able to invest, travel, enjoy fine dining, nights out with friends, all from where you’re at right now.

Now multiply your income by ten.

What could you do then?

What’s what I help people with.

Holler at your boy.