Hey, how’s it going?

I like to mess with my clients’ thinking a bit. It’s all out of love and a desire to stretch them past their comfort zones.

Let’s pretend you’re my client for a little while, too. I’m going to ask you a question to get you thinking in a different. Lots of questions, really. It’s kind of my thing. If you take this seriously, you may learn something about yourself. And you just may learn something new about your world.

I recommend writing down your answers as you go through. If you feel up to it, also track how you feel throughout as well.

Part 1

Imagine you lost your job today. Or, if you’re a student, you got kicked out of school. I’m sure it’s not fun for you to imagine this, but just go with it.

Your boss calls you into her office and tells you your services are no longer needed.

Your school’s dean calls you into his office to expel you.

How do you feel?

How will your life be made better or worse?

What opportunities will you lose out on by being in this situation?

Which opportunities can you now seize?

Part 2

Now, it’s the first of the month. Let’s say you don’t have any money saved up and you won’t have access to unemployment insurance. You must find a way to pay all your bills for the month.

No savings. Just you and your current level of knowledge, skills, experiences, etc.

Image by Andrew Khoroshavin from Pixabay

How do you make ends meet for the month? (Remember: You only need to make enough to get by – you aren’t looking to pay all your bills and have enough for a vacation, too.)

Where do you turn for income?

Do you have family members or friends who would help you out?

Now. And you’re going to hate me for this. You no longer have a support network.

You can start one from scratch, but, right now, it’s just you out there with your skills and experience.

What do you do? How do you make it to the end of the month using all your resources?

What skills do you rely on? Where do you go for quick or easy work?

Part 3

Lastly. You can’t get another job. No part-time jobs flipping burgers or driving for Uber eats. You really have to rely on the skills and experiences and gifts you have.

You are forced to use all your skills and talents and gifts to survive. How will you do it?

For instance, if you were an artist, how would you use that talent to make the money you need? Who would you try to work with?

If you were a phenomenal public speaker, how would you use that talent to make the money you need? How could you put it to use to help you survive throughout the month?

And how do you feel as you answer these questions? Is it easy or hard? Fun or unenjoyable?


The way you respond to these questions – to the exercise as a whole – will show you your weak spots and your opportunities for growth.

Do you need to build your savings, so this is never an issue?

Do you need to build stronger ties with your community, so you have friends and supporters to rely on in your time of need?

Do you need to develop your talents more so you can use them when needed?

Do you need to believe in yourself more, to trust that you have what it takes to make it on your own?

…who says you even need the work you’re at?

What if you chose to quit today?

I can’t be there with you as you answer these questions. But I can certainly talk with you about the answers! Share your thoughts with me about what you think. We’re in this together – I’ll gladly have your back!