I was talking with a friend recently about their passion and their dream for making music. They love producing and playing and mixing and can see themselves being happy doing that full-time.

Unfortunately, they are plagued by the age-old starving artist belief.

You know that belief?

The one that tells you what is and isn’t practical and appropriate for your life?

The belief that tells you that ‘sensible’ careers make money and are valued by society?

The same old story that would have you give up on what you love for what makes money?

You should know as well as I do that it’s a faulty belief. Money isn’t everything. And it certainly isn’t enough to give up on your dream.

Especially because that belief is built on a lie.

It treats it like it’s all or nothing when the truth is truthfully both: you can do what you love and make money.

You can be happy creating your art and giving your gifts to the world while making a great living.

You don’t have to sacrifice money for art.

Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

And you also don’t have to sacrifice art for money.

The starving artist story is a myth, because there are plenty of people living the exact opposite every day.

You just have to think about your career differently. You can’t use the same logic and approach to generating income as an artist that you’d use as a 9-5, salaried employee.

It takes a different approach and level of planning in order to make sure you have the financial situation and the career that you want.

It’s doable, and I show people how.

Had I spend more time with my friend, I would have given him the keys to unlock his potential.

Hopefully we can spend time together and I can share it with you. Keep on reading, my friend. You’ll learn all you need.