When I was a kid, I was terrified of the dark. You know how you’d go lay in bed at night and, like, go to sleep? That sucked for me at times. Especially when I slept over my grandmother’s house and my brother and I would sleep upstairs. Having to go up there on my own at night, when the lights were out and all was silent, was downright scary.

To be frank, had the lights been on, I probably would’ve still be somewhat scared – I was just that kind of kid. But I can say that I would’ve been a lot more aware of my surroundings. A lot more able to react and respond. A lot more able to kick the crap out of any monster who had beef and wanted a sick karate chop to their monster head.

Ok, maybe I’m still kind of triggered by the experience.

I share this story so you can laugh at me. And, so we can talk about the monsters in your closet, the monsters beneath your bed, and the monsters in your checking account.

Monsters can exist everywhere if you are in the dark.

You can still encounter monsters in the light, but, at least then, you can see them and fight back.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This is on my mind because I recently spoke with someone who didn’t know how much she got paid each month. To be sure, she gets paid and she lives well, but she isn’t sure how much she brings in.

I also talk to people all the time who don’t know how much they spend each month.

And, when I started my journey, I didn’t know how much student debt I owed.

This all might sound crazy, but it’s very common. Fear of the unknown is prevalent. If you’re unaware of the truth of an issue, you can avoid having to address it. You get to enjoy the false sense of security, all the while allowing the monster to grow in strength in the dark.

I get it. And as the Iron Man meme says, it’s not a great plan.

I was afraid to look. But I looked, and I said, ‘that sucks’, and then I started figuring things out.

I help people track their spending, and they say, ‘this sucks’. But sometimes they say, ‘oh – I’m spending a lot less than I thought I was’. Then they get to make new choices with this awareness.

I helped my friend review her pay stubs and talk through what each section meant. She said, ‘oh. I didn’t realize I had money going here. I should probably look into that.’

Monsters can exist everywhere if you are in the dark.

You can still have monsters in the light, but at least then, you can see them and fight back.

Facing your fears isn’t easy. It involves a lot of psychological and sometimes physical pain.

But knowing what’s underneath the bed or in the closet or in your bank account arms you with knowledge and power. It frees you from a level of uncertainty that can only exist if you can’t see in the corners and in the cracks.

Clarity is key.

How could your life be different if you decided to gain more clarity?

What’s an area of your life that you know you need more light?

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