You always hit the target you aim for.

I had a coaching call with someone recently when we turned the topic of the conversation from growing their business to the concept of work itself.

They are doing relatively well in their business, but they want to be doing even better. They lit up when we talked about how much money they wanted to make and what they wanted to do with that money. But when we talked about doing the actual day-to-day work, they weren’t so excited.

They wanted the end result without the consistent effort that goes into it.

I was curious, so I dug deeper with them. It turned out that money was the only thing they wanted out of their business. It was just a paycheck to them.

At least on the surface.

If all you want is money…why work hard? Why build a business? Why give your all at anything for that matter?

If it’s all just a means to an end, why put in any effort beyond getting the money you want?

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

Taking it further, why have integrity in your work? Why be honest? Lying would be so much faster at achieving that goal, wouldn’t it?

Why do things that help others instead of harm them?

If the bottom line of profit is all there is… why not just go rob someone?

Why. That’s the key. Why would you work if it’s not for money? I’m not saying money isn’t important. Obviously I believe it is or I’d call myself Tim the Coach. But what’s calling you to work that’s beyond money? What’s your why?

What makes waking up every day worth it for you? Who are you waking up for? How do you want to use that day, and to what aim?

What do you want to give?

How do you want to grow?

How do you want to impact the world?

What do you want to leave behind?

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Money is on the surface. THESE questions will take you deeper than you could ever imagine. It can help you understand your bed and your motivation in life, and you can use that to get out of bed on purpose.

Along the way, you’ll make money as you dive deep into the core of what matters most to you.

Do it for the money, but do it for your family, friends, community, faith, cause, dream. Do it for the world you wish to bring about.

I only work with people who are passionate enough about their dreams to go at it with their whole selves. When you bring that level of energy to your work, no amount of money can even compare.