Most people don’t have it all figured out. You may not come from a background where you see people winning, whatever that might mean to you.

Yes, most of us are average folks who come from humble backgrounds. Those backgrounds become our superhero origin story as we soar to new heights and do what only we were meant to do.

But just because you achieve the “impossible”, doesn’t mean you’re going to love it all the time.

In fact, you may feel awkward about succeeding. You may even feel bad or guilty at achieving your dream.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with new opportunities or financial growth, it’s because you don’t feel like you deserve to succeed. At least not to that extent.

I had a client recently who I met when he was going through a rough time. After leaving his job to pursue his calling (music), he struggled to find steady work that paid him enough to live.

Well, together we worked to not only help him survive, but thrive: He got to a point where he was consistently making more than he ever had before. With little debt or financial responsibility, he was free to save and buy what he needed (and wanted) to help his career.

But he confided in me that he felt guilty about his success. How could he succeed where others fail? How could he do so well when others lived in poverty? It seemed unfair.

Image by Shad0wfall from Pixabay

On that, we agree. It’s unfair. I personally hate seeing people struggle, which is why I would try helping you if you were willing to receive my help. Beyond that, I asked him a simple question that I’d like to share with you:

How did you come to this position?

Did someone give this to you, or did you work for it? If you put in the effort, if you put your blood sweat, and tears into your work to succeed, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.

Besides this, life is unfair, and you put yourself in a position to receive a positive outcome.

What if you used that success / wealth to help others?

You can do more to combat the ills of this world through wealth and status than you can without them. You have an opportunity to use what you’ve gained to serve others. If you really care about these causes, that is. Otherwise, you can choose to let your growth go.

Who would benefit by you not accepting and owning your success / wealth?

If you let go of what you’ve gained, how are you benefiting yourself or anyone else? Know that the logical conclusion of staying in discomfort around your success is self-sabotage. You’ll lose what you’ve gained if you don’t make peace with it.

Make peace with it

Accept where you’re at.

Recognize that you made it here and you deserve it.

Recognize that every time you reach a new level, you’ll feel discomfort. That tension is a sign that you’re on the right track. Can you lean into it?

Be grateful. Not everyone will achieve what you’ve achieved.

Seize the moment. Use it for good. Use it for further growth.

There you have it. If you’ve worked hard enough to earn the wins you have, I hope you can enjoy it and I hope you greater growth and development. It’s never a bad thing – choose to do great things for yourself and others and you’ll see your life continue to grow.